Wednesday 21 October 2009

Machapuchare - Triumph of form over size?

Machapuchare looks so sensational from Pokhara. Like the Matterhorn you cannot stop looking at it. Two AC members went to within 50m of the summit which incidentally is 2m short of 7000m. Is a summit still inviolate 50m short? Extract from Wikipedia.

Machapuchare has never been climbed to its summit. The only attempt was in 1957 by a British team led by Jimmy Roberts. Climbers Wilfrid Noyce and A. D. M. Cox climbed to within 50m of the summit via the north ridge, but did not complete the ascent; they had promised not to set foot on the actual summit. Since then, the mountain has been declared sacred, and it is now forbidden to climbers.

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