Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Three Days of Photographic Nirvana

My three days in London photographing the royal wedding were unmissable.  For those that think why photograph a wedding? Then think again!!!I didn't have permission to enter the Abbey.  But the circus that developed around it was fascinating.  The worlds media were there in force and they worked themselves up into a frenzy.  Witness the cream of world "anchors" out on the streets around Buck House and the Abbey.  and the cameras everywhere and of every type.  Days of building small camera platforms for coverage and then all the hand held video camera crews roaming the street searching for the "soul" of the population.  What they found of course was a lot of unusual people many of whom had travelled from the US and Australia etc to camp out in front of the Abbey.  And on them photographers pounced.  A little like Catch 22 they could not sleep in their pop up tents because they were always being woken by CNN or CNBC or XYZ.

And then the Royals arrived and they ran a show that involved thousands of military and police and it all played out in front of us on the Mall with an energy and verve which was remarkable to observe.  And to photograph.  The Lord of the Rings like rush of the Death Eaters swept down the Mall with a determination that cannot be seen on the television screens.  The video images will move on but the still image captures the moment for posterity!!!!!

Attached are some rush images.  The important ones will come later after some reflection. 

Kate and Wills on the Mall

Family Wedding Image

Andrew and family

Cavalry rush down the Mall

All that shinny brass not to forget the head gear

Demonstration against war

Stan Peppar 91.  Friend of the Beatles and Chelsea Pensioner

Channel 5 Presenter for the Kate and Wills Wedding

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Three Weeks One Easter - Chamonix Retreating Ice

I have just returned from a joyous three weeks in France.  What was planned as an Easter holiday was in fact more like a summer holiday.  Daily temperatures were up in the mid to high 20's and the smaller resorts were closed.  There was a lack of good snow on the Grandes Montet except up high.  And even then under ski it was a dusting of powder on top of an icy basement.  All thoughts of skiing the Vallee Blanche disappeared when I saw the "dry" and rocky nature of the bottom half of the glacier.

All around was bare ice where normally there is snow cover.  And evidence of crevasses opening up where previously they did not exist.  I attach some photographic evidence.

Shrinking and collapsing Glacier Du Bossons

Chamonix Aiguilles

Bossons and Gouter

Classic view of Mont Blanc and icy Aiguilles Du Midi