Sunday, 24 January 2010

Himalayan Glaciers

An interesting headline article in the Economist this morning. From my experience of talking with local people in the Khumbu and in the Annapurna areas it is clear they think the glaciers are retreating and retreating fast. Perhaps the most examined (bit of) glacier being the Kumbu icefall which has in living memory collapsed and retreated significantly. Nevertheless it is a complex system as the article points out and rainfall is perhaps as important as temperature in controlling the advance or contraction of Himalayan glaciers. To understand these things is challenging. Certainly we don't currently have the data to predict into the future. Enter the IPCC for whom this is a very damning inditement.

Recommended reading. Apologies for being on my environmental soap-box. I am now stood down :-)

Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 Another Decade and a new website

Happy New Decade to all my readers. Since coming home I have been pleasantly surprised by all the people who follow my blog. Kinda takes you aback when people you haven't seen for a long time say they have been reading about my Nepal trip. Another decade and what to do next. Ponder.............

The fast breaking news is that I have been working with Nirijan Subedi of and we have now finished the update website. I have added about 80% of the content I plan to put there. And I have some ideas for other things to add and some book ideas that I need to follow. I have added in my alpine portfolio, Nepal, Portraits, Bangladesh and much else besides and am very pleased with how it has turned out. Thanks Nirijan - your work has been inspirational.
As part of this look back and upgrade I have put my image of Les Dru back on the site. I had to remove this image a few years back when a New York advertising agency bought the rights. They wanted to buy the image outright but I only wanted to give it up for a year - so here it is!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!

The other news is that Kiran Chitraker now has the printing paper, after much cost and effort, in his lab in Kathmandhu. We will shortly kick off a new project to print some limited edition prints of the Nepal mountains series. Given the quality of the negatives and the quality of Kiran's printing there is reason to get excited about this.

Finally I am putting together an exhibition portfolio which should be done by the end of the month.

So all in all it has beeen a productive two months post my return from Nepal.