Monday 19 October 2009

Chiring has left for Jomsom

Off to Pokhara tomorrow by bus. Excited about the flights and the trek. The road is the road. Was the reply from an American NGO worker on enquiry about the journey. Sounds like the title for a book.

Mahesh phoned to say that Chiring has left for Jomsom and will meet me off the flight on Thursday morning. Not sure but I think that it will take him 3 days to walk there. It is reassuring to know that he will be helping with my camera. Even if his head does suddenly appear under the dark cloth :-)

Had breakfast with an interesting lady who regards herself as a dental trekker. She has just endured a grueling trip to the west of the country. The situation there sounds very different to the trekking regions. She has spent significant time doing voluntary dental work in Afghanistan and Nepal. Ralph I have given her your email address. Hope this is OK.

Todays image is the Nepalese chicken at the butchers.


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