Sunday, 9 September 2012

The "Glastonbury Vibe" Coming to an iPad Near You

There are several reasons to be cheerful. Our Glastonbury book has gone to the distributor.  When I say our, I mean this is a photographic documentary of the Glastonbury Festival and contains images from both Alasdair and myself.  250 images to be precise.  So it has been a serious undertaking and covers 3 Glasto festivals.

I find writing a cathartic experience.  Also I enjoy the challenge of doing a photo book.  It is a historical record of my photography at this time.  This time around I have used Apple's iBook Author.  This was not an easy decision as it restricts the book to those that have an iPad.  Nevertheless I am using iBook Author because it allows me much greater flexibility in how I present the book.  I have been able to include YouTube clips from some of my favourite Glastonbury sets which help to bring the book alive.  Also I very much appreciate the ease with which you can produce what is a very slick presentation format.  Like much of what Apple does - it just works.  And effortlessly.  Following on the challenges and tribulations of trying to achieve photographic quality in an eBook format, by comparison iBook Author is a dawdle and much more.

So the book should be in the iBookstore in the next few weeks.  I will confirm the date nearer the time.

Meanwhile it is back to the mountains.  Where I belong :-)

The Golden People - Death of Michael Jackson

Trash City Mega Phone Music

Silhouetting The Ting Tings on the Other Stage

The Boss on the Pyramid Stage

Monday, 4 June 2012

Tabernas Turbidites and Cowboys

I always wanted to visit Tabernas in Andalucia and see the deepwater turbidites.  And also the cowboys.  For a week last week we drove around the ramblas and inspected the world class outcrops.  Many thanks to my colleagues and I dedicate these images to all those in Car 5.  May you always be strapped up and your sense of humour never leave you :-)

And here are the outcrops and the cowboy.  I include the perro who is  a contemporary Spanish native.


Looks marginal to me - the devil is in the architecture.

Tabernas Europe's only desert world class mostly confined tubidite systems.

Modern cowboys have PDAs and still shoot.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Morning Reading

A couple of articles in the FT make interesting reading this morning.  One does not expect quality photographic critique on the FT, but these days you take it where you can get!!

The first is an interview with Cindy Sherman.  For those not familiar with her work then this article reveals a great deal.  It is a prelude to her forthcoming retrospective at MOMA.  Say no more:

Cindy Sherman in the FT.

The second is a more difficult concept to get your head around but nevertheless a thought provoking one.  A review of a project on Israel with a group of the most famous photographers in the world.  Sounds extreme and from reading the article, seems.  If you are interested on how Koudelka and Shore and Struth spend their days then this a is a little, but not huge insight.

FT Ways of Seeing.

Finally the reason for my long time silence is that I am busy and that includes another book.  I always wanted to publish my Glastonbury homage.  And with a year off - the Olympics in June will use up all available portaloos in the country- this is the time to do it.

As a taster here is a photo from Chumbawamba in the Avalon Tent - not many musicians can play the tie!!