Saturday 3 October 2009

Arrived in Dingboche Zermatt of the Khumbu

After 23 days on the trail my happy band and I have arrived in Dingboche. We trekked up to Gokyo Lakes then crossed the Chola Pass and headed round to Gorak Shep.

We climbed Gokyo Ri in perfect weather. Setting off in the dark in order to photograph at sunrise. The views were amongst the most stunning I have seen from any peak. Towering 8000m peaks Choi Oyu, Everst amongst them. For a geologist with all the amazing rock structures this was Disneyland. For a photographer it was heaven.

At Gorak Shep we did likewise and climbed Kalapattar. The weather again was completely clear and so Everest was very close. Many of the trekkers who made to the top got very emotional and there was an outbreak of song as the sun rose in 10 diferent languages!!!!

The Chola lived up to it's reputation and was covered in snow and mist. I kept on telling myself this was not Ben Macdui - given all the pink granite.

Health good, acclimitization no issue. Waiting for the mist to clear on Amam Dablam. Expect to be in Kathmandu in 4-7 days whereupon I will upload some more images.

Best wishes


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