Tuesday 20 October 2009

Fly Like a Bird

I flew with Sergei Gunchenko in his microlight from Pokhara airport at 7:20 this morning. We were due to fly at 6:30 but at the last minute a bank of early morning mist enveloped the mountains. So we waited and then went for it. Sergei seemed a solid Russian name and I felt comfortable even as the air rushed by and we headed up into the mists above Pokhara. All their instincts were of course good and the mountains swirled out of the mist. It was a huge adrenalin rush. More so than the bus trip the day before:-) Initially I couldn't hit my stride because of the force of the air. But dropped the visor and got going. The mountains were stunning close up. But more so was the valley and the lake. A selection of the photos including Machapuchare and Annapurna are attached.

Sergei has been flying since 1989 and comes across from Russia for the trekking seasons. He started in hang gliders and progressed. "You fly like a bird". Now there is someone happy in his work!!!

Having run the gauntlet of Nepalis buracreacy I now have a trekking permit so will leave for Jomsom and my second trek tomorrow. Wherupon hopefully Chiring will be waiting for me.

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  1. The microlight must have been amazing - certainly a different view of Pokhara. Glad you landed safely.