Saturday 17 October 2009

Dipawali - Nuts

Enjoyed Dipawali immensely. The Nepalis went nuts. Very reminiscent of the French on Bastille day. The firecrackers are smaller here. But the lights and spirit are big!!! I enjoyed the puja in the shop - attached.

The taxi driver who took me home told me he loved Nepal and that it is a wonderful country, this as we picked our way throught the pot holes in the road. You don't need a lot for happiness. People still have time for one another here. There is no television to speak of and it is still a step back in time.

One more day of photography in Kathmandu then pack tomorrow then off to Pokhara.

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  1. Dipawali is my favourite festival. Its a festival of light. I just love this post. Hope it will always be alive!

    r4 dsi