Wednesday 14 October 2009

Dipawali Starts On Friday

I am relaxing in Kathmandu. Developing a routine of morning preparation and afternoon photographing in the streets of Kathmandu. Soudershan and Soudest are helping me by guiding me around the city and carrying my large format camera. Everywhere we go we get, so far, an interesting reception. Somewhere between did you come from the moon and nice camera, nice camera. It is a pleasure after years of having to do it all myself to have someone to hand me the camera and the lense etc. You are never quite sure what will greet you around the corner. It is both a learning experience and a very enjoyable one. More like being on holiday that it was in the mountains which always felt serious.

Dipawali - Diwali to you and me, starts on Friday. It promises to be exciting with fireworks and much colour. The focus moves around various outlying centres of the city and I plan where possible to attend.

I have been going back over my trek photos and post now three images from my day at the Jumbaise monastery. Hopefully you will get a feeling for how happy and friendly the nuns and monks were from these images.


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