Tuesday 6 April 2010

Return to the US

I am headed off to the US this weekend to attend the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Convention in New Orleans.  Sounds like fun and I am sure it won't disappoint.  Something like 6000 delegates and 1000 paper and oral presentations.  NO will be planet sized with geologists everywhere next week.  It is 6 years since I last visited the US and 9 since I visited New Orleans.  Redolent with memories.  The last time in NO was three weeks after 9/11 and I was honoured to go to a small restaurant with the late Mike Harris.  Poignant this therefore.  He was an outstanding geologist and a a fascinating gentleman.  He knew the Bush family personally and given that it was so soon after the collapse of the twin towers it is all the more poignant that he was so supremely close with his prediction of the future.  Tragically he was to die last year in the Air France flight from Rio.

I am going to New Orleans to chair a session and present a poster.  The session is exciting because it is the first time that an Operations Geology session has taken place and it will be one of the openning sessions.  At 8am , so if you are in the neighbourhood as they say!!!!!!!!

And so to the image of the day.  Taken in 2004 in Westeheimer Houston.  On my last trip I carried my LF camera there and back and this is perhaps the most memorable image of one of the most memorable buildings.  This time I will take my D700 and go light and hopefully fast.  Check back next week and hopefully I will let you now whats cooking around Bourbon Street.



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