Wednesday 21 April 2010

Chicago CAM Contemporary Art Museum

I had an interesting day yesterday exploring the Museum of Contemporary Art.  It is a fine buuilding in a fine location.  The best of the museums I have visited.  It is challenging to look beyond one's prejudices.  At the entrance of the museum was a clear statement of how they see contemporary art, which I found enlightening.  In summary their view is that art no longer has schools or groups of artists.  Now you have individuals who need to reflect modern life.  And with it the influences are media and advertising and now the internet.  Interesting.

The building is spectacular.  A huge space with views out to the skyscrapers.  And the people who are walking around are the most important exhibits!!!  The photography was big and colourful but did not excite me.  The exhibit of the oil barrels with pictures of the Niger Delta was thought provoking.

Quick walk around Navy Pier and an introduction to Bubba Shrimp.  Live replay of Forest Gump and huge portions - this is America.

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  1. Our strange neighbor adores cats and had them everywhere in her house. As if the dozen live cats were not enough, in every room in her house, she has framed prints, large and small, of the blessed animals.0
    She says that she orders her canvas prints, like this one by Franz Marc, from who delivers them. Perhaps they can take away a cat or two as well.