Wednesday 14 April 2010

Muriel's Searching For Ghosts

Went to Muriel's last night.  A venerable restaurant in the Quarter which is reputed to be haunted.  We looked hard but she did not show.  Some interesting Egyptian sarcophocus (can't spell this)  in a red room.  Was a guest of Paul Post among other esteemed organisers.  Thourougly entertaining night - thanks Paul and Gwen.

The convention was good yesterday.  With the challenges of chairing and postering behind me it was good to float from oral to poster sessions and chat with Vendors in between  Nipped out at lunch and photographed the overpasses that swing around the convention centre in a confusion of roads and concrete pilars and big bridges. 

Highlights - The paper on the prospectivity of meteor impact craters!!!  Stunning.  Meeting Ken McClay and seeing the sand box models and agreeing they are a thing of beauty!!!  Finding out about Greenland, Israel and much else besides.  Not to forget the hand held XRF tool - no longer a machine that fills a room.

The bus is here.  Next stop Geochem and fly out Friday.

From a warm and welcoming NO.  Alex


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