Monday 19 April 2010

Art Institute of Chicago

I have spent an interesting couple of days in Chicago as a volcanic refugee.

The highlights were walking around Millenium Park, Michigan Avenue and visiting the Art Institute of Chicago.  The Art institute was like other ones I have visited a very striking building.  They had a not very exciting Matisse exhibition.  Likewise they had a William Eggleston retrospective which was much better.  Fabulous colour prints.  The fascinating thing was that his dye transfer prints were very impressive as prints.  As photographs I am less convinced.  Perhaps it is me but the simple approach to imaging does not leave me with a lasting impression.  What was much more interesting was the main photography exhibition which had a kalaeidoscope of past and present master works.  Great to see these.

Looks like a flight may leave tomorrow.  This would get me to Paris.

More later including photographs.


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