Friday 4 September 2009


The highlight of yesterday was one of those visits that had to be done but nothing can prepare you for it when it comes. I went to visit the cremation site on the Bagmati river. A helpful young man acted as my tour guide and we witnessed a cremation of an elderly lady and it was very moving. The whole area had a sombre mood. And all the way up the right bank of the river there were burning pires while down the left bank a crowd of onlookers and tourists watched. During all this a disturbance got up in the temple and the police arrived at some speed to sort it out.

The Sadhus were there in force and very congenial they were. We chatted and I took some photographs. I saw one at the gate on a mobile phone which he quickly put beneath his top before I could look closer. Seems like technology is enabling every facet of life here!!!!

Afterwards I returned to the monkey temple to try and catch the monks at evening prayers however it downpoured and they stayed inside so instead I photographed the monkeys.

Plan to take the tourist flight to Everest on Monday and then commence the slow road on Thursday :-)

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