Wednesday 2 September 2009

Arrive in Nepal - Let adventure begin

To fly to Nepal after an absence of 28 years was an emotional moment for me. The flight was one of the great airline journeys crossing Iraq the Northern Gulf and touching down in Bahrain, Then on down the Gulf and across over Iran and some fabulous geology. Then leaving the desert and crossing Northern India. Picking up the monsoon on the way. Finally and dramatically I saw the Himalaya floating above a turbulent sea of monsoon cloud. It was very spectacular as we made our final approach in the encroaching darkness with fleeting glimpses of mountains and ridges and finally first view of Kathmandu. I am glad to say I was very re-assured by the first view. Unlike many cities they have retained th green open spaces. Unfortunately getting to the hotel was not the easiest journey - more reminiscent of Port Harcourt than old Kathmandu!!!!

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