Monday 7 September 2009

Everest Stays Hidden

Attempted to take the Budda Airways tourist flight to Everest this morning however the mountain remained hidden in Monsoon clouds. So I hung around not understanding a word of the announcements and shouting whilst others headed off back into town. Suddenly I was all alone in the departure lounge.

Set off for Jiri on Thursday morning. Everything just about ready. Guide and porters in place and the plan is in place. Mahesh is very experienced in organising these things. His last client was Sir CB so I am in good hands. He re-assured me this morning that the first porter was choosen because he would setup my camera. The second is a big and strong gentleman who will be able to carry me down if necessary and he finished by saying that if anything goes wrong he will send a helicopter!!!!

This evening I delivered my test negatives to Kiran and we formulated a plan. It seems like the images will be hotshotted by express porter on weekly basis to Lukla. For onward delivery to his lab. I am beginning to wonder if digital is the way to go :-)

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