Friday 4 June 2010

Link to Blurb book. Chicago - Outside Its America

My book is now published on  Follow the link to see the full book contents.  Don't forget to select full screen in order to see the book at a good resolution.  I am really pleased with the quality of the book.  Blurb did a good job on the quality of the paper andprinting.  In the end the book took more time than I had planned to invest in it.  But, given that it only represents 5 days of photography in Chicago and a lack of preparation and foresight, then I am very pleased with it.

Proud to include a photo of Gail who made a lovely $5 breakfast for me and welcomed me with warmth and made it into the book!!!

Chicago - Outside Its America  

 Gail: The Lucky Diner Hillside Chicago

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  1. This is a great looking book Alex - thanks for choosing Blurb!!