Monday 10 May 2010

Chicago Through a Looking Glass Outside it's America

It was really strange arriving and leaving Chicago.  I don't think I have ever landed up somewhere where I had no plans to visit so far away from wher i had intended to be.  A completely weird experience.  And yet I felt very much at home running around the streets and photographing the architecture and the peoplescapes and the portraits.  I have been so moved by it that I have suspended everything else in my photographic world to work on a book.  It is a sort of  "Looking Glass" experience.

And I am grappling with the book.  At first it was meant to be a 5 evening effort - start to finish.  Then move on.   But it hasn't ended up as that.  I delve deeper and deeper into it.  What do I want it to show.
?  How do I want it to work?  I want to show the heart beato f the city through its buildings and its people.

 So here are some of the images from the book.  Charles White was something very special.  So comes first!!!

Charles White Chicago

Dungar Linzy  - Art Institute Chicago

Larry Williams Chicago Art Gallery

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