Saturday 19 June 2010

Stavanger Graffiti and the World Cup

I spent an excellent week in Stavanger.  The light was sharp and acute and it was seasonally cool.  Inside the sports bars and restaurants the World Cup was hot.

Stavanger has drawn me back very very occasionally over the years.  And hasn't changed that much.  The thing I enjoy the most is to visit the graffiti in and around the harbour,  Whether you thik that graffiti is vandalism or not it is always absorbing.  It seems to be appropriate along the harbour front and was much developed since my last visit in 2005.  The Norwegians encourage it and  obviously want to preserve it.  It has expanded and along with it thir own graffiti fest.  Some of it resembles the work of Banksy.  Whether it is his or someone else I cannot tell but the Mona Lisa was particularly interesting.  I won't reproduce it here.  Have a look if you are ever in Stavanger!!

And so to Glastonbury.  The tent is packed and my wellies are on hand.  The countdown is almost over.  I cannot wait.  If you are there then say hi.

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