Friday 24 April 2015

Chamonix 2015 Ski Season

After nine weeks of skiing in Chamonix I am home and working on my portfolio.  One of the outcomes of the trip is a new book in the offing.  This will be a monochrome work and is nearing completion.  It is highly focussed and is an emotional response to being in the Chamonix valley in the depths of winter, skiing every day in good and bad weather.  Living to life's beat in the snowy days and the sunny days.  And lots of wind.

I started out thinking I would be very formal and shoot with a tripod.  But in the end that just wasn't possible.  The best photographic opportunities, as it transpired, were in gales of wind and it was so cold -15ºC some days and -30ºC on top of the Midi that I could not hang around to fiddle with a tripod.  Also I shot with my trusted Nikon D800.  I am very happy with this camera.  The photographic world raved about it when it came out and then moved on.  Sure it has been superseded by the D810 but in reviewing the detail in these RAW files; it is a truly stunning camera.  The best I have had to date.

So here are some shots.  I have put a lot more on the home page of my website:

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