Sunday 9 September 2012

The "Glastonbury Vibe" Coming to an iPad Near You

There are several reasons to be cheerful. Our Glastonbury book has gone to the distributor.  When I say our, I mean this is a photographic documentary of the Glastonbury Festival and contains images from both Alasdair and myself.  250 images to be precise.  So it has been a serious undertaking and covers 3 Glasto festivals.

I find writing a cathartic experience.  Also I enjoy the challenge of doing a photo book.  It is a historical record of my photography at this time.  This time around I have used Apple's iBook Author.  This was not an easy decision as it restricts the book to those that have an iPad.  Nevertheless I am using iBook Author because it allows me much greater flexibility in how I present the book.  I have been able to include YouTube clips from some of my favourite Glastonbury sets which help to bring the book alive.  Also I very much appreciate the ease with which you can produce what is a very slick presentation format.  Like much of what Apple does - it just works.  And effortlessly.  Following on the challenges and tribulations of trying to achieve photographic quality in an eBook format, by comparison iBook Author is a dawdle and much more.

So the book should be in the iBookstore in the next few weeks.  I will confirm the date nearer the time.

Meanwhile it is back to the mountains.  Where I belong :-)

The Golden People - Death of Michael Jackson

Trash City Mega Phone Music

Silhouetting The Ting Tings on the Other Stage

The Boss on the Pyramid Stage

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