Sunday 5 February 2012

Sunday Morning Reading

A couple of articles in the FT make interesting reading this morning.  One does not expect quality photographic critique on the FT, but these days you take it where you can get!!

The first is an interview with Cindy Sherman.  For those not familiar with her work then this article reveals a great deal.  It is a prelude to her forthcoming retrospective at MOMA.  Say no more:

Cindy Sherman in the FT.

The second is a more difficult concept to get your head around but nevertheless a thought provoking one.  A review of a project on Israel with a group of the most famous photographers in the world.  Sounds extreme and from reading the article, seems.  If you are interested on how Koudelka and Shore and Struth spend their days then this a is a little, but not huge insight.

FT Ways of Seeing.

Finally the reason for my long time silence is that I am busy and that includes another book.  I always wanted to publish my Glastonbury homage.  And with a year off - the Olympics in June will use up all available portaloos in the country- this is the time to do it.

As a taster here is a photo from Chumbawamba in the Avalon Tent - not many musicians can play the tie!!

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