Sunday 7 November 2010

KOS - Life is a Mark Warner Beach

I went to Kos a Greek Island on holiday.  It was meant to be a total break and a beach and sailing holiday.  Nevertheless I decided to do a mini project on it and took my Sony D100 with me.  FOr two reasons.  Firstly I wanted to do a short documentary on what it was like to be o this type of holiday, never having been on one.  Secondly I wanted to be discrete in my photo taking.  also I have a real concern of destroying camera in a beach environment.  Sand, from my experience can be the end of a camera.  As it was the Sony did not disappoint and was as discrete as I was able to be.  I still got carried away and started running around on the beach poping in an out of boat huts and such and taking images which turned heads - what is he up to?  The "bairns" don't like it either.  So I was on my best behaviour.  It was after all a holiday!!!

I have on return generated a Blurb book.  You can see it on  called KOS 2010.  All the images were taken with a small compact camera.  Yes it is not remotely as good as the Nikon D700.  Nevertheless the best camera you have is the one you with you at the time :-)  The camera review websites are continually searching for the super compact.  The tiny camera that will replace the big camera!!!  The holly grail of cheap but not cheerful - wonderful.  Well the Sony Cybershot series has always impressed me.  They are tiny cameras.  If the light is good then they will give you a perfectly usable image which you can exhibit up to A3 in size.  For 99% of people it is what the image tells you that matters.  They are not pixel peepers and cannot tell the diference between an image from a compact and a full frame sensor.  I still cherish the images from my first cybershot which had a mere 5mp.  My current camera has 13mp.

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