Saturday 11 September 2010

HOG in the Glens

I attended the annual Harley Davidson rally in Aviemore this year.  It is 2 years since I last attended the rally and it has more than doubled in size.  For my style of photography it is a wonderful opportunity to follow the bikes around the countryside and capture what is a magical sight.  The atmosphere is infectious - a group of enthusiasts out there enjoying themselves in the way that only the HOG do. It is an opportunity to witness a group of mainly well to do people trying to confront their mid life crisis.  Within that there is a hard core of bikers who live the "life".  Like Jim (not his real name ;-)  who was worried about my putting his photo on the web in case the police saw it - so I have not.  Who lives as the HOG says it to RIDE  -----VROOOOOOOOOOOM.

The images hopefully tell the story.

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