Wednesday 4 November 2009

The People You Meet

I guess you come to an interesting place then you will meet equivalent people. I offer up three here. You can match the photos!!!

First up Professor Horoshiohono of Yamagata University - retired. Had an interesting meeting of minds on the Kagbeni to Jomsom road. Note the formality of the pose of two Geologists swopping collison zone theories. One with the benefit of decades of experience the other having done a bit of trekking!!!

Next up is Khagendra Tulachan owner of the Majesty Hotel in Jomsom. He loathes the road and the pollution. He will I think be in a book of portraits from the trip which I am working on. But not this photo.

Finally there is Winfried Luhr-Tanck who we meet in full photo mode on a bend south of Jomsom. Not quite sure who was most surprised. Anyhow I think Winfied thought I was off my trolley with this huge camera in the middle of nowhere. He for his part had just cycled from Kathmandu to Kagbeni in 7 days. By day he is a research Physicist specialising in metals.

We also for good measure met John Witcombe an expert in rice development on his way from Bangladesh to Bangor via Kagbeni. On a bike of course!!!

Make of it all what you will. Back in Kathmandu but off to Everest tomorrow morning!!!!

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