Sunday 2 August 2009

Nikon D700 Review an Ongoing Project

I have taken delivery of a Nikon D700. It usually takes me about a year to decide on which new camera to buy. I was not an early adopter of digital and still prefer large format film for my classical landscape work. Consequently this is my second digital SLR, my first being the Nikon D80. It is an important decision and also an expensive one. The decision was finally made in favour of the D700 because it suits my style of photography. My observaation is that this is the leading camera for low light photography. Michael Johnson at The Online Photographer, whose opinion I value and respect ,reckons this is the leading camera in the world at the moment. No doubt this will change, however with a trip to Nepal looming it was time to buy. I plan to review the camera as I go and particularly its performance in Nepal. So far I am both excited and impressed with what I have seen.

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  1. The Nikon D700 is exactly the digital SLR that I envisioned when I first heard that such an animal existed. After over a quarter-century of shooting film and gradually realizing the advantages digital holds for me through using a high-end point-and-shoot as an adjunct to my faithful old Nikon SLR film camera, I eagerly bought a D70s ... and was exceedingly frustrated and disappointed.

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