Sunday 14 February 2010

Glastonbury 2009 After Dark

So what is next? I am just completing a submission to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). It has taken two months to prepare and has been done during the heavy snow and I have been head down choosing and printing and matting 20 prints. A time consuming task. But its done and I feel good about it. I bought a Logan Framers Edge matt cutter which after some abortive attempts I can now use competently. I will write up some notes on my website to help people who may be like me and in need of some improvement in that front. As usual the right tools are expensive but lead to the right job being done. And I enjoy cutting. It's relaxing!!!

So onwards to Glastonbury 2010. I posted to my website Glastonbury Images
a selection of images taken in the evening in Glastonbury. The festival is a photographers dream with colour and people interest and wonderful music. This year I cannot wait to photograph with my D700 in the dark. In the meantime enjoy the images of 2009.


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